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Knit Evenly Calculator app for iPhone and iPad

4.6 ( 4976 ratings )
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1.99 USD
Current version: 1.2, last update: 9 months ago
First release : 13 May 2010
App size: 4.52 Mb

Figuring out how to increase or decrease evenly can be a major hassle for any knitter. Often it takes several frustrating tries just to make it work.

Knit Evenly calculator is the perfect app for this task and reduces it to a simple push of a button. Whether you are increasing or decreasing, knitting flat or in the round, Knit Evenly delivers consistently great results. Get the Knit Evenly app today and make it a worthwhile addition to your everyday knitting toolkit!


* Compute how to increase and decrease stitches evenly across a row.

* Switch between two modes: knitting flat or in the round.

* Choose from results based on two different algorithms. Option 1 is designed to provide a simpler, more compact result that is easier to remember. Option 2 achieves a more even distribution. Both options try to maintain symmetry as much as possible.

* For complex increase and decrease combinations, use the ’Guide Me‘ feature with a built–in stitch counter. It will give you easy to follow step–by–step animated instructions to help you avoid mistakes and achieve great results.

* Intuitive design, beautiful graphics and animation make the app easy to use and provide an enjoyable experience.

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Pros and cons of Knit Evenly Calculator app for iPhone and iPad

Knit Evenly Calculator app good for

I love the Guide Me mode! This app is worth every penny. Dont struggle with the math for odd increases/decreases, let the app do it for you! :)
Excellent app. No more Having to do math to quickly and easily calculate Decreases/increases. Well worth the modest price.
I rarely review apps but this one I actually came looking to add my 2 cents. This app makes odd interval increases a SNAP. Guide me (step by step) instructions make this task a no brainer. LOVE IT
Thank you!!! For years, Ive been waiting for someone to build an app that would do this. Most basic and low-end patterns are fairly good about increase/decrease spacing, but advanced patterns, or ones translated from other languages, often say things like "inc from 93 to 114 st in the following row." Im a Ph.D. astrophysicist, and it _still_ makes me crazy (mostly because its mental work I dont want to have to do). Thank you for finally getting around to this, and making every knitters life easier. :)
Ive been using an Internet site to do these calculations for some time now ... and now I can do it on my phone! Ive checked the math and it seems right on. For the next version I would reccomend the ability to email or at least copy/paste the calculated instructions. If this was available now I would have given 5 stars. Kudos 
I would like to see "Guide Me" display a running stitch count so I can tell where Im at -- I tend to forget to click the clockers to count stitches and rows. Also, a sleeve increase/decrease calculator would be very welcome addition to this (or as a companion product). As it is it is very useful. Thanks for your ingenuity.

Some bad moments

This app does not work very well. It cannot calculate when the difference between the numbers is small.
Why does this thing come out upside down on my iPad screen?!? Dont look for instructions this thing has virtually no instructions, I was thinking it was going to help you decrease across a pattern, nope.
This app was great when it worked! I installed it in my iPad3, worked once then no response at all. I uninstalled and re-installed, but still no response! Pls fix!
Its close but no cigar. Does not calculate evenly. For example, start with 50 stitches and add 3 increases. Instructs to knit 12 and do first increase. Instructs after third increase to knit 12 but there are only 9 stitches left on needle.
INC, Flat, 52 sts on needle 6 sts to inc app calculated option 2 was wrong, k8, m1, k7, 2x, m1, k8, 2x. Correct answer is: k6, m1, k7, 2x, m1, k6, 2x.

Usually Knit Evenly Calculator iOS app used & searched for

stitch counter, a-dec, and other. So, download free Knit Evenly Calculator .ipa to run this nice iOS application on iPhone and iPad.